Me Thu Cung, Vietnam’s first-ever pet magazine is now online

Vietnam’s first and only pet magazine, Me Thu Cung, (a passion for pets – translated from Vietnamese) has published Issue 7.

Message from the Editor

It has been over 2 years in the making, Mê Thú Cưng, the first ever pet magazine for Vietnam has finally arrived. Our journey began over three years ago with the ownership of our first dog and our frantic attempts trying to find the pet care and support to keep a little dog from dying, sold to us from a unscrupulous pet shop.

Within this time, the growth of pet owners in Vietnam, for both Vietnamese and Expats, have been amazing. Still, there are issues concerning choice in pet products and the quality of pet care services. However, the education and awareness of socially responsible pet ownership, especially among young Vietnamese is on the rise. So, we are optimistic.

Chances are slim to witness a critical consumer sector emerge and grow like the Pet Industry In Vietnam. And within any well established service sector that caters to the health, welfare and the well being of animals, there needs to be accountability and socially responsibly. Establishing a pet media reporting on critical issues of animal welfare is our contribution.

We kept asking ourselves would there be enough content related to pets and pet ownership in Vietnam for a full featured magazine? And our reply is, Yes! Although our first few issues will focus on dog and cat ownership, we will soon present stories about some of the amazing fish and birds in Vietnam. And then, there is our furry little small animal friends and not for the squeamish, reptiles.

Finally, we would like to introduce our team of pet advisors. We have six cats & two dogs that have taught us about the good, and bad experiences of pet ownership in Vietnam. They live somewhat dangerous lives in Vietnam and we have to protect them like they are our children. They have inspired us, providing us comic and precious moments, and so, we present to you a living and much needed guide for pet ownership in Vietnam, for our pet team and your pets too.

Thank you. Cảm ơn bạn.
Wayne & Gemma Capriotti (Khánh Ngọc)


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