Issue Three | Me Thu Cung – Vietnam’s only pet magazine!

Vietnam’s first and only pet magazine, Me Thu Cung, (a passion for pets – translated from Vietnamese) has published Issue 3.

Message from the Editor

The issues of pet cruelty surrounding unwanted cats in Vietnam are always a concern at Me Thu Cung. We have found that many people are unaware of the causes, so we have included, from good references, tips and advice on how you can personally deal with these critical issues of animal welfare. First, have your female cat spayed and your male cat neutered.  Also, be aware of the dire health and social issues that will affect cats that are free to procreate and multiply unchecked. In contrast, we present a positive portrait of the life of cats with a series of stories about the fascinating social and family structure that two or more cats create inside your home, that will always involve you.

Me Thu Cung is proud to announce a very important event in Vietnam.  The first annual Vietnam Animal Welfare Conference will be held September 13 & 14 2014, in Saigon. Ms. Vi Thao Nguyen, and her animal rescue group YVD, along with various animal welfare organizations in the USA and Asia are planning a two- day gathering showcasing local and international speakers, seminars, forums and workshops regarding the welfare of small companion animals, farm animals (livestock) and wildlife in Vietnam. We think this event could be a catalyst of change, see you there…

Me Thu Cung is honoured to introduce Dr. Hoàng Ngọc Báu. Dr. Bau is a dedicated western trained Veterinarian with over thirty years of operating a Vet clinic in Hanoi. The good doctor will become a columnist and contribute his writings previously published online as ‘Dr. GeenVet’ that earned him an excellent reputation as a knowledgeable and caring animal doctor.
Finally, in ‘Pet Creatives’ we introduce Uot Mi, a photo collage manipulator that creates surreal, dream like images of cats and dogs. We also like to introduce a new feature within ‘Pet Creatives’ simply call Pet Bloggers. We begin with two bloggers from Saigon who write about the precarious life of cats. Thank you. Cảm ơn bạn.

Thank you. Cảm ơn bạn.
Wayne & Gemma Capriotti (Khánh Ngọc)


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