Issue Seven | Me Thu Cung | Pet Food Issue ( Vietnam’s only pet magazine)

Vietnam’s first and only pet magazine, Me Thu Cung, (a passion for pets – translated from Vietnamese) has published Issue 7.

Message from the Editor

It has been a while since we published an issue of Me Thu Cung. In fact, it was Monday, February 16, 2015. It was also ironic that in our ‘message from the editor’ for Issue 6 we mentioned that we survived our first year of publishing. We commented that 2014 was a landmark year for pet ownership and pet industry in Vietnam and we were proud that Me Thu Cung could be listed with these accomplishments…. and then, our digital press went silent. We stepped back, took a hiatus and took a long look at what was accomplished, or not.

The business environment in Vietnam, including our emerging pet industry media services, is tough and not for those who think of a quick return in the short term. Patience is required and crafting a business strategy for the long term, with contingencies, is essential. Since there was no precedents or benchmark standards to gauge our progress we simply became rudderless, underestimated things, made false assumptions and probably a little premature in prospects and outlook. We, the Editors, also suffered personal issues involving finances and lost members in our extended pet family….. But damn it, we are back, after coming to a realization that we have only just begun, with a lot of fight in us to succeed, and as all entrepreneurs know creativity is required to overcome barriers to follow one’s passions and dreams!

Issue 7, the ‘Pet Food Issue’, includes over 13 pages as a guide in attempting to understanding the proper feeding of your dog and cat. Buying and feeding commercial pet food to our pets is full of controversies with personal opinions wide and varied. To make matters worst, there are not many professionally trained pet nutritionists in Vietnam and most Veterinarians are not really taught much more than the basics of pet nutrition with limited knowledge coming from the pet food manufacturing industry biased to their own products. So, what is the right food to feed your dog or cat? Cats and dogs require unique diets and nutrition based on their wild ancestors and pet owners should never think that everything you eat will be good for them. In this issue and the upcoming issues of Me Thu Cung we will explore dogs and cats nutrition, in detail, to help you understand the dietary and nutritional needs of your cats and dogs.

Thank you. Cảm ơn bạn.
Wayne & Gemma Capriotti (Khánh Ngọc)

Mê Thú Cưng - Issue 7 - The Pet Food Issue in Vietnam Số 7, Tập 2 | Issue 7, Volume 2 | 2015

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