Issue Four | Me Thu Cung – Vietnam’s only pet magazine!

Vietnam’s first and only pet magazine, Me Thu Cung, (a passion for pets – translated from Vietnamese) has published Issue 4.

Message from the Editor

In this issue of Me Thu Cung we explore pets and pet ownership abroad. We believe this exposure will be helpful for pet owners in Vietnam to broaden their awareness and education of pet ownership from other developed countries, like Canada. Our feature article is about a not very popular activity in Vietnam but is a perfect opportunity for young Vietnamese4 children to directly interact, learn and appreciate all types animals, besides cats and dogs. Tien Klassen writes about bringing her baby girl to a ‘petting farm’ in Canada. Petting farms usually have very young farm animals and other gentle creatures that are not wild and dangerous to young children. Petting farms are much different than a regular zoo where the animals and where they are treated much better.

The pet care guide theme of this issue is management of your cat’s and dog’s fur and skin. In the heat and humidity of Vietnam cats and dogs do suffer a lot of skin irritations and infestations. Good grooming habits begun when your pet is young is the best way to help with skin and fur management. We include an interview of a young dog groomer, Trần Xuân Bách, who mentions that Vietnam should develop their own service industry beginning with pet grooming schools to meet the growing demand from dog and cat owners.

It is our honour to showcase in ‘Pet Creatives’ the wildlife painter Nguyen Nghia Trung. We selected his ‘Big Cats’ paintings to draw attention and alert Vietnamese people about the disappearance of tigers, native to Vietnam. Not only the big cats in Vietnam are in a serious predicament. We at Me Thu Cung will continue to write about our passion of cats to help raise their profile in Vietnam and stop the unwanted cruelty, and general misunderstanding. If all Vietnam’s big cats disappear a vital link is broken between wild and domestic house cats.

And finally, we would like to remind readers about the first annual Vietnam Animal Welfare Conference will be held September 13 & 14, 2014. We think this event could be a catalyst of change.  And we would like to leave you with a message in reconsidering the act of eating dog meat. The NoToDogMeat organization have provided educational content to Me Thu Cung about this very controversial issue. Beginning a dialogue with your Vietnamese friends by questioning their decision to eat dog meat is a very good step forward removing the practice of eating dog meat. 

Thank you. Cảm ơn bạn.
Wayne & Gemma Capriotti (Khánh Ngọc)


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