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Pet Industry in Vietnam Primer

Pet Industry in Vietnam

Overview of the Pet Industry in Vietnam

Yes, there is a Pet Industry in Vietnam. Small, fragmented and developing but with potential. We consider this a high growth industry sector in Vietnam fed by a young population becoming caring, socially responsible pet owners (growth of pet humanization) in Vietnam…
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For Investment in the Pet Industry of Vietnam

There are first-mover investment opportunities in many sectors of the Pet Industry in Vietnam. With Vietnam’s population approaching 100 million and estimated dog ownership of 10,000,000 dogs (placing Vietnam in the Top 10), a dynamic growth market of Pet Care goods and services is required…
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For International Pet Product Manufacturers

There are growing markets of savy pet owners demanding new pet products and services that are not in Vietnam. With limited variety and choice for pet owners, international pet product manufacturers sourcing new pet markets in the emerging countries of Asia should consider Vietnam to supply growing demand…
Consider Vietnam’s pet markets for the export of your pet products
pet-escape. First complete marketing service solution for the Pet Industry in Vietnam. We are publishers and marketers dedicated to servicing the stakeholders of the nascent pet industry in Vietnam. Our task is monumental in scope as we will attempt to the raise the consciousness and awareness of proper pet ownership and nurture a fledgling industry in Vietnam…
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Pet Goods distribution network in Vietnam

Sales & Distribution Network in Vietnam

Our aim is to connect your company to pet product importers and distributors in Vietnam that will place your products in the hands of pet owners in Vietnam. We also offer business matching services to find the right partner for your market entry into Vietnam…
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Content Marketing and the Education of the Pet Owner in Vietnam

Content Marketing & Education of Pet Owners in Vietnam

Informing and educating pet owners in Vietnam through consumer awareness content programs is the key to the growth of the pet industry in Vietnam. This type of education for pet owners is critical to the nurturing of the demand for premium pet products in Vietnam…
Content marketing of the pet industry in Vietnam

Pet Industry Statistics for the Major Cities in Vietnam (Estimations: 2017)

Pet Shops / Vet Clinics in Sai Gon
Pet Shops / Vet Clinics in Ha Noi
Pet Shops / Vet Clinics in Da Nang / Hoi An

Vietnam’s First-ever Pet Magazine

Me Thu Cung (A Passion for Pets)

me_thu_cung_coverdigi-escape is very proud to introduce a family inspired ‘pet project’, dedicated to the new generations of pet owners in Vietnam. A much needed, and requested, ‘user guide for pet ownership’, where young and old, experienced and first time pet owners in Vietnam will benefit. A publication that acknowledges the rise of pet ownership and demand for pet care knowledge, products and services in Vietnam.

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Vietnamese Ridgeback Dogs of Vietnam

Interested in buying a Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog?

If you live outside Vietnam and cannot find a breeder of Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dogs we work with the best of the best of Phu Quoc Ridgeback breeders, in Vietnam. All breeders are professional and accredited by the Vietnam Kennel Association ((VKA). Learn more…

All About the Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog

At the southern most part of Vietnam, there is an island in the Gulf of Thailand called Phu Quoc Island, where you can hear some incredible stories of the loyalty, quick wit and intelligence and the amazing hunting ability of a native dog simply called, the Phu Quoc Ridgeback dog …. Read articles on the Phu Quoc dog breed of Vietnam

Latest Pet News & Events from Vietnam

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Intage Vietnam Viettrack in Vietnam state there are: (Estimations: 2015)

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Shopping Malls
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